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This is to inform and advise you that virtually all Autism and ASD issues are “induced”.  Some are induced willfully, some are induced without knowledge.  We as humanity have so altered our environment that we have affected (effectively destroying) a balance within the body that would likely not exist if we had not so damaged our external and internal environment.  The components to create balance are often no longer made available.  In many ways this can be addressed through diet and nutrition.  Our “blog” affiliates will hopefully help us sort this out for you.

We offer a series of intervention ideas for those as we roll out the environmental dysfunction allowing and effectively causing autism and many birth and life disorders.

As this project unfolds we will show how Autism is induced Pre-pregnancy, During Pregnancy, and Post Pregnancy (following birth) with a simple approach for remediation in each situation.

One issue that exists in ALL forms of Autism pre, during, post pregnancy is a situation we refer to as the “Western Condition”The Western Condition is a situation of low oxygenation by way of imbalances induced in the body.  The Western Condition can be resolved temporarily and permanently.   NO MATTER what your misled practitioners say and IMBALANCE CAN EXIST.  All forms of INFLAMMATION are proofs that an imbalance exists.  Anyone overlooking this is either blind or misguided.  A book introduced at demonstrates how “The Western Condition” can be resolved.  Get the Book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION

1)  Pre-Pregnancy Cleanse.

A)  In a world where young ladies are living on Dr Peppers and Doritos it is hard to fathom that they are               getting the correct nutrition.  Improper inputs leads to improper outputs.  (Sadly this brings to mind the old saying where “extreme” it says Garbage in = garbage out)  The output from the body cannot be completely correct without the proper inputs.  We see body odors and a host of issues emanating from improperly fed bodies.

B)  Get the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER and begin balancing your body environment.  Prepare for your              baby.

2)  Pregnancy Approach/Cleanse.

A)  If you are already pregnant, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES have an “Ultra Sound” or “SonarGram”.  Resist the temptation to image your baby!  Autism is clearly on the rise in all developing countries with increased use of Ultrasound/Sonagram.  Ultrasound/Sonagram despite what your doctor tells you is NOT SAFE.  Your doctor will defend use of ultrasound because if they admitted to the errors of ultrasound then they would be accepting product liabilities and abuses for year.  Note:  Prior to 1970 only 1 in 2500 was considered autistic.  Now if someone uses a statistic like 1 in 25 is autistic it appears realistic.  In every developing country we see birth autism rates skyrocketing when the optional ultrasound/sonagram becomes common.  WE CAN EXPLAIN!  See our video!  We have produced a video explaining how and why this is happening.  See and share this video.  Save the children!

INSERT VIDEO On Ultrasound including Liposomal Theory

B)  Get the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER and begin balancing your body environment.  Prepare for your              baby.  We have developed a video to explain how this works.


C)   Brief explanation:  i)  In the early years a young lady’s system begins to “cycle”.  This cycle fends off certain infectious issues and conditions that are allowed to develop due to poor diet, nutrition, and environment.  (See our videos for environmental corrections needed)  ii)  At or following pregnancy (conception) the cycling stops.  This cycling that once so altered the body chemistry to fend off infectious issues is removed and the infectious issues strike.   iii)  Three to 6 weeks into the pregnancy as the brain and central nervous system are developing the infectious issues which have been kept at bay by the cycling are no longer tempered.  They attack the soft tissue of the fetus (brain matter) and a wide array of birth defects, brain disorders, and such are induced.  (Application of processes as discussed in THE ANSWER TO CANCER book would have helped overcome this.  Considered safe and recommended during pregnancy.)

3)  Post pregnancy (following birth) approaches.

A)  Once the baby is born the possibility of induced autism remains.  The environment we live in is so altered it may be the single greatest cause to autism.  Many try to blame shift and point to “vaccinations”, innoculations, and a host of other issues, which we hope to address, meanwhile ALL children vaccinated do not come away with autism.  We propose a theory to demonstrate which ones will and which ones will not.  There are issues that make some more likely to develop autism (InducedAutism) than others.  Shifting responsibility to others is not helpful to the child who develops autism from a vaccination.  Allow me to share how and why a child develops Autism from a vaccination.

B)  Note:  There appears to be a NATIONWIDE (worldwide?) epidemic of FUNGAL INFECTION in children.  The diets and environments these children are being brought up in are not conducive to a healthy, balanced body.

i)  The food is tainted.  Correct diet……

ii)  The world is full of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency effects).  Minimize EMF effects


iii)  Clean/reconcile the condition of the body induced by these and other problems.  Get and employ the processes in the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER.

iv)  See our video regarding Fungus and Fungal Infections.  Noting there is a widespread problem with fungus in our youth.  They play far too many video games (EMF exposure).  They have poor nutrition due in part to poor supply to the masses and the household.  They have poor environmental habits and exposure, noting improper design of clothing, shoes, homes, etc for protection of the youth.  Autism and birth effects are on the rise because generally the environment around the child is being altered and destroyed removing the foundation for good growth.

v)  Vaccinations:  They simply do not appear as effective as they are marketed to be.  Watch this example, on any given day lining up 100 youngsters for a vaccination or any event one may find that 5-10% have outward signs of sickness, fungus, sniffles, etc.  A higher percentage may have masked issues that are underlying or issues previously induced in part……………..Now, if you haphazardly inoculate 100 on any given day, then several will be likely in an immune compromised situation.  If you inoculate a child who is already immune compromised (which arguably they all are) then you risk overloading the immune system of the child and inducing a fever or infectious hit to the digestive tract or brain.  Both will appear the similar and either one can lead eventually to the other being affected.  Efforts to maintain the digestive system and the autoimmune system leading into and away from a vaccination/inoculation procedure is imperative.  It is clear to any moron that introducing of a foreign issue with intention to induce development of a resistance (antibodies) is achieved by introducing a level of sickness.  It is that simple.   Now, if the recipient of the inoculation is autoimmune compromised then what risk does one run by pushing the envelope of the recipient?  Arguably ALL children are in poor health at present by way of induced environment.  By admitting more imbalance issues or “tests” to their autoimmune system runs the risk of pushing them over a line.  When one moves over the line various effects including central nervous infections and such can occur leading to inflammation in the brain (encephalitis).  It happens.  Only an idiot would deny it………….Meanwhile, we can prepare the children better before and after inoculation.  We are releasing keys to both preparation for the inoculation and for follow-up.



SHARE THIS PAGE, INFO, and VIDEOS!  It could save the world!