– Organic Bird Products

What a cocked idea it would be to bring someone organic bird products including:

Organic Fertilizers, Eggs, Birds,

Founded to provide liquid organic fertilizer alternatives for those doing indoor (and outdoor) grow projects, cannabis, roses, cannabis sativa, and other such household favorites, yet capable of boosting production on virtually any plant product.  We have a very high potency liquid fertilizer which we typically provide in 1/2 liter water bottles.  This is a concentrate and many cut it making a “tea” of sorts to use on their plants.  Our unique process and approach to farming brings to you a high ammonia/nitrogen liquid product loaded with plant/bird based microbes to make any indoor, hydroponic, aeroponic grow system BOOM and BLOOM!

We have an organic/natural bird farm.  The range of birds varies widely, but we are focusing at present on several types of quail (Pharaoh, Texas A&M quail, and Italian Quail) and game fowl.  We will attempt many custom egg and bird shipments.  Please be patient.

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