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Welcome to the Affiliate Program of www.TheBrainCan.com and www.EMFFix.com!!

Our intention here is to reach as many people as possible with a select group of product offerings mainly addressing health concerns in a natural, safe way.

Our affiliates will receive a number of benefits including but not limited to 20% bonuses, discounts, and commission checks for helping facilitate sales. The system is simple in concept. You refer buyers to the product system/product line with your affiliate code and there is a 20% payment made to you for their transaction. This alleviates you from having to handle any product, money, or anything. It is a referral based system that will pay many of you potentially $100 or more per transaction. You have no requirement for inventory or anything. We help your customer take care of all their shipping, handling, etc. You get the benefit of referring people to a system that helps them.

We will be rolling out products of our own and affiliate based products with partner companies.

It is early days yet, but things should be coming on line quickly. Act now! Become an affiliate! Tell your friends! Initiate a transaction and see how quickly and efficiently the system works for you.

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“By signing up and/or moving forward with products, information, and/or training of any form in this affiliate program all affiliates agree to a non-compete on all book, information, electronic, and health reconciliation approaches. The replication of data, materials, tools, equipment, components, etc is considered a criminal trespass at a minimum and a violation of our agreements both implied and in writing. We gladly share information and technology with the hopes of educating the masses and helping others provide income for their families.”