The Answer To Cancer – Affiliate Program



This book is often referred to as a “Silver Bullet Solution” to all sickness. By addressing all known forms of immune suppression issues
at once and boosting immune function it is like a one size fits all approach to health. Simply too powerful to miss approach to wellness. This book should be a part of every library and/or health recovery.

This book addresses auto-immune disorders, cancer, and introduces the concept known as “The Western Condition”. The “Western Condition” is an induced situation that everyone alive today is experiencing. There is an accumulation of the “Universal Blocking Agent” in the body which effectively blocks any and all approaches to health. This core understanding once reconciled facilitates all other approaches and makes all nutrition and cleansing more effective.

Exercise becomes more effective. Growth in a positive way is explosive using this approach. The accumulation of issues known as “The Western Condition” is what drives cancers of all form (including Breast Cancer) and all forms of sickness and auto-immune disorder. When one of the author’s (Whidden) was in a traumatic accident we shifted our analytical research to finding a cure for all sickness. The loss of immune for the author required that something be done.

Clearly the medical industry cannot see the forest for the trees it seems. The solution was simple……….Hence the name, “A Simple
Solution for the Western Condition”. This book will address common core issues for all health concerns. Once you understand the
reconciliation process and implement it, then you are immediately on your way to health.

Share this with others. People need to know that for less than $1 using conventional products on the shelves in grocery stores that they
can be set free.

Applications taught in the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION, may help to address the following and more: Kidney support, dialysis, field dialysis Organ transplant support Cancer maintenance, treatment, process leading to cure (?) Pre-cancer treatment, Post Cancer treatment, Breast Cancer, preventative treatment Pre-Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, etc

“By signing up and/or moving forward with products, information, and/or training of any form in this affiliate program all affiliates agree to a non-compete on all book, information, electronic, and health reconciliation approaches. The replication of data, materials, tools, equipment, components, etc is considered a criminal trespass at a minimum and a violation of our agreements both implied and in writing. We gladly share information and technology with the hopes of educating the masses and helping others provide income for their families.”